Sri Lanka Puravidya Samhita - Volume 2: 2006





Worship of Sun and Moon among the Singhalese (Prof. Vini Vitharana) p 1-20
  2.  Sinhala: Is it a racial identity or a nationality? (Prof. Chandra Wickremagamage) p 21-27
  3. Lesser known archaeological sites in Eppawala area (Dhanesh Wisumperuma et. al.) p 27-50
  4. Antiquities found in Udaaludeniya Temple (Ranjith Hewage) p 51-70
  5. The 12th Century Paintings of Mahawamsa in Burma (Dr. Hema Goonatilake) (In English) p 71-80
  6. History of the archaeological Society of Sri Lanka (Dhanesh Wisumperuma) p 81-107

Editorial Board: Prof. Vini Vitharana, Dhanesh Wisumperuma and Ranjith Hewage

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